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Post by ELASthomas on Fri 12 Feb - 0:27

Hi guys I’m Mohamed from Fez , you can call me Thomas . I started playing game 2 years ago . I can say 6 months ago since it was the most period when we have made more progress (speedy progress ) . In fact , in the beginning I didn’t care about game . I was only focusing on having fun with friends and do crazy things . but one day we changed this routine . it was the time when my Friend Louis picked up the first girl . since that time we started randomly the game , we didn’t know about that , we didn’t know that we are playing game . of course without Louis , I wouldn’t have done all this stuff . Firstly , we started picking up girls on street , I remember when I  used to approach girls quickly for 10 sec for instance . I go to them I told them “ salam 3tini nemra dyalek “ , it’s very funny , but it’s worked sometimes . then , we started making change and developing our level  until now , we still be trying to improve it . there are many things that I have reached . I have been able to open to a girl without caring about their age and having a 30 min conversation or more . Most of them are 2year older than me or more . moreover , I have been able to approach girls on parties , I used to be shy before . but now , for examples , one of the best parties that I had . I danced with almost all the girls in the party and I finished the night with a girl 3 years older than me with arm hanging and ..….
This are examples , there are other things . I can’t talk about all here x) x)
In parallel with game , we also try to expand and cover differents places in my city in order to approach different girls . Every year we feel that we make change , that what motivates us to work more and more , everytime there is something new.
all we need to start game is a good wing , and working hard . GOOD LUCK GUYS !!!

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